The Hungarian Revolution of 1956: The Event that Shook the World

The events surrounding the 1956 Hungarian Revolution are closely linked to my family. My grandparents and my father fled Hungary after the revolution to settle and build a new life in Canada. The events in Hungary demonstrated to the world the true face of communist oppression in Eastern Europe, and ripped a hole in the lies and deception that characterized the abhorrent nature of communist control behind the Iron Curtain. Many innocent Hungarians lost their lives, and many new lives were made abroad as hundreds of thousands of Hungarians emigrated to countries around the globe. It is important that we remember the moments in our history when we said no to what was wrong; when we exposed tyranny and useless death, and in the face of terrible odds, took on something much more powerful than us. The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 represents this well. Let us heed the lessons of history at a time when we must again find the strength to take on the wrongs of this world. 

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 lasted less than three weeks, from Oct. 23 until Nov. 10, but the Hungarian Revolution that convulsed Budapest and the rest of Hungary in late 1956 sent shock waves throughout Europe and around the world – events that reverberated for decades. Many historians have noted that the Hungarian revolt was the first rip in the Cold War’s Iron Curtain. 

Click here to view some very powerful images from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution from Time Magazine:

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