Over 21 000 medieval items found in England and Wales in 2013

Over 21,000 medieval objects were discovered in England and Wales in 2013, according to the latest release of the The Portable Antiquities Scheme Annual Report. Since its inception in 1997, over one million historical objects have been recorded by the scheme. Some of the medieval objects highlighted in 2013 report include a lead Papal bulla of Pope Paul II (1464-1471), a 15th-century gold annular brooch that has the words ‘bien va’ (be well), and a copper-alloy buckle plate that was originally made in Visigothic Spain in the 7th or early 8th century.

Read more: http://www.medievalists.net/2014/10/01/21-000-medieval-items-found-england-wales-2013/

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