In Pakistan, imposing tombs that few have seen

Although Pakistan has only been independent since 1947, the area of which Pakistan now constitutes has been home to many ancient civilization dating back thousands of years. Makli is an incredible Unesco Heritage site in Pakistan located along the Indus River, where its necropolis has been a pilgrimage site since the mid-14th century and a major burial spot for Arghun, Tarkhan and Mughal dynasty rulers and prominent figures among others. Covering more than 10 sqkm, Makli is one of the world’s largest necropolises, acting as the final resting place of more than half a million people, including kings, queens, saints and scholars. And even though the 14th-century site was inscribed as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1981 – one of just six in Pakistan – its imposing tombs and intricate artwork are little known to travelers today. The current geopolitical instability of this region of South Asia has contributed to this sites obscurity, but the area remains an important reminder of the many powerful civilizations that have reigned over the Indus Valley.

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