History of Human Culture Captured in Five Minute Video?

The history of human culture was captured in a five-minute video created by Cultsci.net. Or was it? The video maps the movement of notable figures in history over the past two millennia. In so doing, it professes to have created a visual of the entire pattern of human culture.

The video map was created by art historian Maximilian Schich and his team based at the University of Texas. The entire project is titled A Network Framework of Cultural History. The team pulled information from Freebase to map the births and deaths of 150,000 historical figures. It is interesting to note that Freebase is owned by Google. According to the abstract of the accompanying report published in the journal Science, “The resulting network of locations provides a macroscopic perspective of cultural history…”

Read more at http://guardianlv.com/2014/08/history-of-human-culture-captured-in-five-minute-video/#6IO8fQkGvbQoDHZz.99

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