94th Commemoration of the Treaty of Trianon (1920-2014)

Today marks the ominous and tragic anniversary of the Treaty of Trianon. Ninety-four years ago, in the turmoil and chaos of post-war Europe, the Treaty of Trianon (signed June 4, 1920) forever altered the regional ethnic structure of Central and Eastern Europe. A treaty designed for peace destabilized a continent already mired in violent historical legacies. Trianon truncated over two-thirds of the former Kingdom of Hungary into new nation-states placing 3.5 million ethnic Hungarians under foreign and often hostile sovereignty. While a reorganization of lands in Central and Eastern Europe was certainly in order based along ethnic lines, Trianon created one of the largest ethnic displacements Europe has ever witnessed and ensured an enduring legacy of endemic deficiency to protect and preserve minorities. To this day, Hungarian minorities face discrimination in their ancestral lands, and the lessons of Trianon have yet to be learned or resolved. While progress has been made through the integration of Europe, Trianon serves as a potent reminder of the need to protect minority languages, culture, traditions and, most importantly, rights. This generation will inherit the legacies of a time that feels so distant; and it will be our duty not to reopen the wounds of history but to find solutions that ensure a brighter future for not only Hungarian minorities, but all minorities. 

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