19th Annual ASN World Convention

19th Annual ASN World Convention

The Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) Convention, the most attended international and inter-disciplinary scholarly gathering of its kind, welcomes proposals on a wide range of topics related to nationalism, ethnicity, ethnic conflict and national identity in several regional sections on Balkans, Central Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Eurasia, the Caucasus, and Turkey/Greece/Cyprus, as well as the two cross-regional sections of Nationalism Studies and Migration & Diasporas. Disciplines represented include political science, history, anthropology, sociology, international studies, security studies, geopolitics, area studies, economics, geography, sociolinguistics, literature, psychology, and related fields.

The Convention is also inviting paper, panel, roundtable, or special presentation proposals related to:
•“History, Politics and Memory,” on the construction and contestation of the memory of historical events in sites, symbols, discourse and research;
•“Ethnicity and Violence,”on the conditions, construction, and implications of violence perpetrated against “ethnic” or culturally-defined groups;
•“Gender & Identity,” on the saliency of gender in discourse, representation, practices and mobilization;
•“Transitional Justice & Minority Rights,” encompassing human rights, minority rights, war crimes, genocide, international tribunals, and related issues;
•“Energy & Nationalism” touching on oil and gas revenues, pipelines, the “oil curse”, ecology, sustainable development and the securitization of energy

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