Graduate Career Development Webcasts

It is important in an age where an increasing number of doctoral graduates desiring a career in academics are turned away due to chronic shortages in academic positions available, that we examine the options for graduates. It will be crucial that graduates are provided the right tools to decide whether academics is the right course for their careers, and an accurate picture of the true state of academic positions available within often narrow and limiting fields of study. I too had to make this decision in my own career, opting rather for a career in the civil service over the great uncertainty in humanities. The webcasts offered by George Mason University are a great resource for recent or upcoming graduates looking to asses their career options. Please consider registering. Please see further information below. 

Are you interested in advancing free enterprise and individual rights through an academic career?

Join IHS this spring for an online seminar series on career options in academia. The lineup includes instructional overviews of publishing, entering the academic job market, and using your time in grad school most effectively.  Additional seminars will provide insights into teaching, developing an effective public voice, and opportunities for intellectual development. 

Please enroll (cost-free) by clicking on the Register link on the right. Feel free to sign up for as many sessions as you choose (while topics are related, sessions can also stand alone).

Establishing an Online Presence

Who are you, on the internet? How can you establish the right online presence, make your work accessible, and get noticed, in the right way? Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

Preparing Your CV for the Academic Job Market

Walk through the steps of crafting a CV that will get you noticed and get you an interview. Dr. Magness will offer general points, specific examples of good and bad CVs, and tips on what different disciplines look for in your background. Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

What To Do With Your Dissertation

Finally finished your dissertation? What happens now? Dr. Magness will offer ideas about how to turn your dissertation into publishable work and pitch to publishers. Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

Entering the Academic Job Market

Survey the state of the academic job market according to your interests. How can you find relevant jobs, put together application materials, and stand out in a pool of hundreds of applicants? Dr. Vallier will address topics including the interview process, making the most of conferences, and taking advantage of your network. Appropriate for late stage graduate students.

  • May 8th, 8:00-9:00 PM EST
  • Speaker: Dr. Kevin Vallier, Bowling Green State University

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