Petition: Reinstate Autonomy for Székely Land

Please consider signing this petition to reinstate Székely autonomy in Transylvania. The ongoing discrimination of Hungarian minorities in Romania must be ended through greater devolution of powers to the Székely people. More than 90 years ago, this right was unjustly appropriated from Hungarian minorities. It has been the desired goal of Romanian administrations to diminish and dilute the influence, history and culture of Hungarians in Transylvania and Romania through state-sponsored anti-Hungarian and anti-minority measures. It is time to bring this issue to international attention and place pressure on the Romanian government to finally adhere to the responsibilities of a member of the EU and international order of states. Please sign this petition knowing you are supporting the rights of not only Hungarian minorities but all minorities. Thank you for your support. 

Government of Romania: Recognize the Autonomy of Székely Land

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