Tribute to Liberty – Remembering the Victims of Communism

Tribute to Liberty’s mission is to establish a Canadian memorial to victims of Communism. In September 2009, the National Capital Commission approved the Memorial to Victims of Communism—Canada, a Land of Refuge to be built on National Capital Region land (adjacent to Library and Archives Canada). Please consider donating or supporting this cause. The horrors of Communism, and the totalitarian regimes’ it created and perpetuated, must be remembered and must face the same accountability, scrutiny and ban as fascist ideologies. Communism has been responsible for some of history’s most terrifying and horrific acts, and its victims deserve justice and place of remembrance that will inform future generations and serve as a lasting reminder.

Please visit Tribute to Liberty and consider a donation or lending your support.

Tribute to Liberty
Image courtesy of Tribute to Liberty

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