2013 Arctic Frontiers Conference

This year’s Arctic Frontiers Conference will be held in Tromso, Norway from January 20-25, 2013. Arctic Frontiers remains the most influential pan-arctic conference for leading experts, academics, scientists, and lay individuals. Having worked for several years at the forefront of Canada’s Arctic strategy and Northern issues, Arctic Frontiers is an ideal forum for the discussion, tough questions, and pertinent analysis needed to address one of our planets most dynamic and changing environments. The Arctic is our greatest litmus test and we must heed the advice of countless experts to protect its fragile state. Discussion of natural resource exploration and development in the Arctic, while needed for our own collective needs, must be conducted in a fashion that will respect the traditions and practices of the indigenous population of the Arctic circle and secure a sustainable future for the Arctic region as a whole.

Press Release:

Arctic Frontiers holds its 7th annual conference with the title “Geopolitics and Marine Production in a Changing Arctic”. Arctic Frontiers 2013 will discuss the current status, challenges and future perspectives of Arctic geopolitics, security and marine productivity. The Arctic Frontiers conference is a central arena for discussions of Arctic issues. The conference brings together representatives from science, politics, and civil society to share perspectives on how upcoming challenges in the Arctic may be addressed to ensure sustainable development.

Arctic Frontiers is composed of a policy section and a scientific section. The following sections will be discussed:

Three parallel parts will be discussed:
1) State of the Arctic 2013
2) Geopolitics in a Changing Arctic
3) Marine harvesting in the Arctic
4) Arctic Marine Productivity

Visit the 2013 Arctic Frontiers site to view the program and other details:


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