56th Commemoration of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956

This year’s 56th commemorative anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution is a prescient reminder of the power of society united to overcome forces superior in strength but devoid of the very basic and universal principles of freedom and justice. The 1956 Hungarian Revolution was not an isolated event, but rather a manifestation against the oppressive and murderous ideology of communism and its supreme representative: the Soviet Union. 1956 also represents an important milestone in my family’s history. In the winter of 1956, my grandparents and my father fled Hungary through Austria and settled in Canada to begin a new life. The hardships of several hundred thousand Hungarians who fled Hungary after the revolution marked a historical change for Hungary and Hungarians; and dealt a fatal blow against the “model world” communism falsely claimed to defend. It is important that history remember 1956 not as a singular event but the first nail in the coffin of the Iron Curtain and the insidious ideologies of the early 20th century. New chapters in history found their roots in the Hungarian Revolution, and it my sincerest desire that the world will not forget October 23, 1956.

Image courtesy of http://oktober23.kormany.hu/

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